Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bag


Kraft paper block bottom pouch w/o zipper

Block bottom pouches are one of the unique and innovative packaging solutions, which would be surely helpful for distinguishing the products and generating the attention of the consumers at the point of purchase. With four vertical faces and a flat bottom, the flat bottom pouches can be formed in a square design. When the contents are filled in the box pouches, these pouches are able to stand steadily and provide an elegant appearance on the shelves to attract consumers.

Block bottom pouches are useful for packaging various products such as:
Chocolates, spices, organic products, coffee & tea, dairy products, pharmaceutical products & many other similar products.




A Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bag is a type of packaging typically made from kraft paper, a strong and environmentally friendly material. These bags are designed with a flat bottom gusset, which allows them to stand upright on store shelves or when filled with various products. They are commonly used in the food industry and for packaging various dry goods.

Here are some key features and benefits of Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bags:

Flat Bottom Gusset: The flat bottom gusset provides stability and allows the bag to stand upright on its own, making it ideal for retail displays and easy to fill with products.

Kraft Paper Material: These bags are usually made from kraft paper, which is a natural, unbleached, and recyclable material. It is known for its strength and durability.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: Kraft paper is considered an eco-friendly choice as it is biodegradable and can be recycled. It’s a popular option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Customizable: Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bags can be customized in terms of size, design, and branding. They can be printed with company logos, product information, and attractive graphics.

Versatile Use: These bags are suitable for packaging a wide range of products, including coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, baked goods, candies, and other dry goods.

Sealing Options: Depending on the specific product and usage, these bags can be sealed using methods like tin ties, heat sealing, or adhesive labels. Resealable closures are also available for bags that need to be resealed after opening.

Food-Grade and Barrier Options: Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bags can be lined with food-grade materials or laminated with barriers to protect the contents from moisture, light, and air, ensuring the freshness of the products inside.

Window Options: Some bags come with clear windows, allowing consumers to see the contents inside, which is especially important for products like coffee or snacks.

These bags are commonly used by specialty food brands, coffee roasters, bakeries, and other businesses looking for attractive and eco-friendly packaging solutions. The flat bottom design is advantageous for product visibility and presentation, making it a popular choice for marketing and retail purposes. Additionally, the use of kraft paper aligns with sustainability and eco-conscious packaging trends.

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