Clear poly side gusset pouch


Side gusseted pouch are named for the gusset, or fold, on either side of the pouch. The gussets expand when the package is filled with product, and the weight of the product usually holds the pouch upright. This package format has two long faces, or panels, on the front and the back for product branding. The side gusset pouch is the recognized format for coffee packaging today. It is also widely used in other markets such as, pet food, powders goods, tea and other specialty food products.

Material:  Virgin LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin.


A clear poly side gusset pouch is a type of flexible packaging that is commonly used for a wide range of products, including food, snacks, and non-food items. This pouch is known for its clarity and the presence of side gussets, which are pleats or folds on the sides of the pouch. Here are the key features and uses of clear poly side gusset pouches:

Key Features:

Clear Material: The pouch is typically made from clear or transparent polyethylene (poly) or polypropylene (PP) materials, allowing consumers to see the contents inside. This transparency is often desirable for showcasing the product.

Side Gussets: Side gussets are the pleats or folds on both sides of the pouch. These gussets provide additional volume and expandability, making the pouch versatile for packaging products with varying quantities and shapes.

Flat Bottom: Many clear poly side gusset pouches have a flat bottom, which allows the pouch to stand upright on store shelves. This feature provides stability and visibility for the product.

Customizable: These pouches can be customized in terms of size, design, and printing. Companies often print their branding, logos, and product information on the pouch to make it more attractive and informative.

Resealable Options: Some clear poly side gusset pouches come with resealable features such as zippers or press-to-close seals, allowing consumers to reseal the pouch after opening to maintain product freshness.

Common Uses:

Food Packaging: These pouches are widely used for packaging a variety of food products, including coffee beans, tea leaves, snacks, nuts, and dried fruits. The clear material is perfect for showcasing the quality and freshness of the contents.

Non-Food Items: Clear poly side gusset pouches are also used for packaging non-food items such as detergents, pet food, and hardware items.

Retail Display: The combination of clarity and the ability to stand upright makes these pouches ideal for retail display. They allow products to be prominently showcased on store shelves.

Promotional and Sample Packaging: Companies often use these pouches for promotional purposes, packaging samples, and giveaways at trade shows and events.

Clear poly side gusset pouches offer both practicality and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for businesses that want their products to stand out on the market. The clear design is especially beneficial for products that rely on visual appeal to attract customers, and the gussets provide flexibility for packaging different quantities of products.

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