Side gusset Pouch

Centre Seal pouches are a convenient packaging solution. These pouches are gusset & pillow types which are used for various products packaging. These pouches have central welds or seals & there is one opening from where contents can be filled and sealed. These pouches are made up of PET/AL/POLY or PET/POLY. Tear notch can also be incorporated into this for an easy opening.
These pouches are used to pack different materials such as: food, pet food & treats, pet healthcare products, candy & confectionery, breakfast foods, dried fruit & nuts, dry goods, frozen foods, processed meats & poultry, seafood, snacks & spices etc. Centre Seal Pouch suits packaging for powders up to 10 Kilograms, solids and pastes up to 1 Kilogram in which the pouch is centre sealed at the back side with an extra margin.

Centre Seal Pouches are capable of withstanding varying temperatures & preserving packed items from air and moisture. These pouches are made available in tamper and water-proof finish. These pouches are the preferred choice for packaging of food items and chemicals and are well recognized for bringing optimum utilization of laminate area. Centre Seal Pouches are made using single layer to multi-layer laminate options.

Material – Combining different films like – PET, MPET, MBOPP, Clear BOPP, CPP, aluminium foil, 3 layers to 9 layers poly, BOPA etc.


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