Customized Quad seal or flat block bottom pouches

Flat bottom pouches are the newest type of pouch in the market. It has many names: the quad seal bottom pouch, block-bottom pouch. The pouch is welded in four corners and have a completely flat bottom so it stands very well. Flat-bottom bags can hold more, meaning you can save 15% of packaging materials because of their unique design. They also save shelf in the supermarket because the bags are high and the width is less than an equivalent size of traditional pouch. This type of pouch can save money for the manufacturer because they pay less for shelf space to the supermarket. You can also get one-way valve on these bags to match for roasted coffee. It is possible to obtain materials with aluminium laminates for high barrier. There is also the possibility of windows in the bags.
These pouches are used to pack animal feed, organic products, chocolate, powder, spices, muesli, biscuits, tea etc.
Materials for every application:

Matte Finish Foil Pouch – MBOPP /PET / ALU / LLDPE
Standard Foil Pouch – PET / ALU / LLDPE
Kraft Foil Pouch – KRAFT / ALU / LLDPE.


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