PET Bottles for salt, pepper

PET Bottles for salt, pepper

rPET options available

Shakers of various types possible.


PET (polyethylene terephthalate) jars are a popular choice for packaging salt and pepper due to their transparency, lightweight, and durability. They are commonly used in the food industry because they are food-safe and can preserve the quality and freshness of the contents.

Clear PET Bottles for salt, pepper, spices
FDA Approved
Fully Recyclable
Sustainable Primary Packaging Solutions.

Considerations when using PET jars for salt and pepper:

  1. Size and Shape: PET jars come in various sizes and shapes. At BV Packaging, you can choose from different capacities to suit your packaging needs. Consider the quantity of salt and pepper you want to package and select a jar size accordingly.
  2. Screw-on Lids: Many PET jars come with screw-on lids, which provide a secure seal to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the jars. This helps keep the salt and pepper fresh.
  3. Shaker Lids: Some PET jars for salt and pepper may have shaker lids with multiple-sized holes or perforations, making it easy to sprinkle or pour the contents.
  4. Seal Quality: Ensure that the jars have a good seal to maintain the freshness of the salt and pepper. Airtight seals are essential for preserving the flavor and preventing clumping or moisture absorption. We can offer caps with induction seals, wads, tamper-evident, CRC.
  5. Transparency: PET jars are transparent, allowing customers to see the contents easily. This is particularly important when packaging salt and pepper, as it helps users identify the product quickly.
  6. Labeling: Consider the design and placement of labels on your PET jars to provide information about the product and any branding.
  7. PET Recycling: PET is a recyclable material, and using PET jars aligns with sustainability efforts. Make sure to communicate this to customers and provide recycling instructions on the packaging.
  8. At BV Packaging, we can offer rPET options as well if you want to use recyclable plastics for products.

When sourcing PET jars, it’s essential to choose high-quality jars that meet food safety standards and provide the desired functionality for your product. We can help you in designing the packaging for your products that aligns with your brand image and helps to enhance it.

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