Various PET Bottles

PET Bottles for Pharma, FOOD, Beverage and FMCG products.

rPET option available.

We can offer preforms as well and provide custom designed bottles if the volumes are sufficient.


Clear & Opaque PET Bottles for variety of applications.
Various types of caps and closures
Low MOQ possible.
FDA Approved.
Fully Recyclable
Sustainable Primary Packaging Solutions.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored to specific packaging needs. Here are some of the various PET bottle types:

  1. Standard PET Bottles: These are the most common PET bottles, typically used for water, soft drinks, juices, and other beverages. They come in various sizes, from small individual bottles to large gallon containers. At BV Packaging, we provide a wide range of PET bottles for various products.
  2. Wide-Mouth PET Bottles: These bottles have a wider opening, making them suitable for products like peanut butter, sauces, condiments, and powders. They are easy to fill and pour from. At BV Packaging, we can provide various types, sizes and sharpes of wide-mouth PET bottles and jars. If the volumes are sufficient, we can offer custom designed bottles based on your requirements.
  3. Cosmetic PET Bottles: Designed for personal care and cosmetic products, these bottles come in various shapes and sizes to package items like shampoo, lotion, body wash, and other beauty products.
  4. Pharmaceutical PET Bottles: These bottles are designed for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, including liquid medications, tablets, capsules, and syrups. They often have tamper-evident caps for safety.
  5. PET Spray Bottles: These bottles feature a trigger or spray mechanism, making them ideal for household cleaners, perfumes, and hair care products that need to be sprayed or misted.
  6. PET Salad Dressing Bottles: These bottles are designed for salad dressings and similar liquid condiments. They often come with flip-top caps for easy pouring.
  7. PET Oil Bottles: Designed to store cooking oils and other liquid fats, these bottles often have a pourer or drip-resistant spout.
  8. PET Honey Bottles: Specifically designed for honey packaging, these bottles often come with flip-top or tamper-evident lids. Some have honey dippers integrated into the cap.
  9. PET Sauce Bottles: These bottles are suitable for a variety of sauces, from ketchup and mustard to hot sauce. They often feature squeeze-style or flip-top caps.
  10. PET Juice Bottles: Designed for fruit juices and other beverages, these bottles come in various sizes and often have tamper-evident caps to ensure product safety.
  11. PET Sports Bottles: These are typically used for sports and energy drinks. They feature a squeeze design for easy hydration during physical activities.
  12. PET Wine Bottles: Although traditional wine bottles are made of glass, there are PET alternatives designed for wine. They are lightweight and shatterproof.
  13. PET Beer Bottles: PET bottles are sometimes used for beer, particularly in environments where glass is not suitable, such as outdoor events.
  14. PET Carbonated Beverage Bottles: Designed to hold carbonated beverages, such as soda, these bottles are built to withstand pressure and carbonation.
  15. PET Hot-Fill Bottles: These bottles are designed to withstand high-temperature filling processes, making them suitable for hot-fill products like sauces and juices.
  16. PET Eco-Friendly Bottles: Some PET bottles are manufactured from recycled PET (rPET) or designed to be recyclable to reduce their environmental impact.

When choosing PET bottles for your specific products, consider factors such as the product’s nature, shelf life, transportation, and any regulatory requirements. The shape, size, and closure type should align with your product’s packaging, brand image and distribution needs.

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