Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

A laminated bag made from several layers of plastic film, aluminium foil, and other variable materials. Virtually any logo, colour and design can be printed onto these pouches, offering great potential for creative advertising along with a durable and inexpensive option of packaging for both food and non-food items. Stand up pouches – a solution that has revolutionised product packaging. We offer Gravure Printing as well as Digital Printing.

PET Bottles and Jars

Rigid plastic primary packaging for FMCG and Pharmaceutical applications. 

We partner with brands to create sustainable quality and technically optimized packaging for their products.

Fully recyclable products that are available in small quantities OR container loads.

BPA FREE & FDA approved.

PET Jars and bottles

Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging Products

Recyclable Kraft Pouches

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Custom Stand-up Pouches
Spout Pouches, various types.