Coffee Bags

Block Bottom coffee bags, Stand up pouches look sharp on the shelf and are great for packaging a wide variety of products like whole bean coffee or ground coffee. These Block Bottom bags/pouch combine the functionality of a stand up pouch with the benefits of a side gusset bag. These bags/pouches comes with/without a degassing valve. The pouches can be customised with logo printing.

 Materials for every application:

Matte Finish Foil Pouch – MBOPP /PET / ALU / LLDPE
Standard Foil Pouch – PET / ALU / LLDPE
Kraft Foil Pouch – KRAFT / ALU / LLDPE.



Coffee bags and pouches are specially designed packaging solutions for coffee products, providing protection from external factors like air, light, and moisture to preserve the flavour and aroma of the coffee. These bags come in various types and sizes, each offering different features to meet specific needs in the coffee industry. At BV Packaging, we can provide custom coffee bags and pouches to suit your brand. Let us talk on 0431 432 130 whenever you are ready.

Coffee Bags

1. Coffee Valve Bags:

  • Features: These bags are equipped with one-way degassing valves that allow gases (like carbon dioxide) to escape while preventing air from entering the bag. This keeps freshly roasted coffee beans from becoming stale or losing their flavor due to trapped gases.

2. Stand-Up Coffee Pouches:

  • Features: Stand-up pouches have a gusseted bottom, allowing them to stand upright on store shelves, making them an attractive choice for ground coffee and whole beans. They often come with resealable zippers for freshness.

3. Flat Bottom Coffee Bags:

  • Features: These bags have a flat bottom with side gussets, providing stability and space for larger quantities of coffee. They are commonly used for premium or artisanal coffee products.

4. Foil-Lined Coffee Bags:

  • Features: Foil-lined bags provide excellent protection against moisture and light, preserving the coffee’s freshness and aroma. They are ideal for whole bean coffee and specialty blends.

5. Tin-Tie Coffee Bags:

  • Features: These bags have a built-in metal tie at the top, allowing for easy resealing. They are convenient for customers who prefer to close the bag without using additional clips or closures.

6. Side-Gusset Coffee Bags:

  • Features: Side-gusseted bags have a flat, rectangular shape and are often used for packaging ground coffee. They offer a large printable surface for branding and product information.

7. Kraft Paper Coffee Bags:

  • Features: Kraft paper bags have a rustic and eco-friendly appearance, making them a popular choice for specialty and organic coffee products. They can be plain or custom printed with branding and information.

8. Biodegradable Coffee Bags:

  • Features: These bags are made from biodegradable materials, aligning with sustainability and environmental concerns. They are designed to break down naturally in the environment.

9. Custom Printed Coffee Bags:

  • Features: Coffee bags can be custom printed with your brand’s logo, design, and product information to enhance branding and shelf appeal.

10. Foil Stand-Up Pouches:

  • Features: Foil stand-up pouches combine the benefits of both foil-lined and stand-up pouches. They offer superior protection against moisture, oxygen, and light while providing an attractive display.

Coffee bags and pouches are essential for maintaining the quality of coffee products and attracting customers with visually appealing packaging. When selecting the right type of coffee bag, consider the coffee’s type (whole bean, ground), quantity, and desired shelf life, as well as your branding and sustainability goals. Whether you’re a coffee producer, roaster, or retailer, the right coffee bag can help your products stand out and stay fresh.

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