FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1) Are all the pouches Food Grade ?

Yes all the materials used for manufacturing the pouches are food grade materials.

2) What can I use the pouches for or which products application can be used for such pouches?

Stand up Pouches can be used for a wide variety of products application. For e.g. Tea & Coffee, nutritional and lifestyle foods and supplements, dry fruits and nuts, pet foods, pulses, grains & seeds, food ingredients, gift packaging, accessories packaging etc.

3) Are the Pouches Heat Sealable?

Yes the pouches can be heat sealed using a hand impulse heat sealer .

4) Are the pouches available in Australia?

Yes the pouches are available in Australia.

5) No. of pouches I can buy from you?

You can buy as many as you would like plus we will also offer further discounts on large quantity.

6) Do you offer price match?

Yes we do offer price match and will also beat any genuine Australia prices taking a few things into consideration. 

7) What is the right size for our product?

The size will depend on the product application as all products have different density. However you could request a sample to check and find out the right size for your product.

8) Do you provide Label Printing Services?

Yes we do provide printing label services. We can provide you customized pouches as well.