At BV Packaging, we have decades of experience in helping various organisations reduce their packaging costs. We strongly believe in Service Leadership and take pride in helping customers achieve their productivity improvement and sustainability objectives.

BV Packaging was formed in 2018 and since then we are assisting our customers by

  • Finding the right structure and packaging format for their products.
  • Improve their manufacturing processes.
  • Recommend various packaging / processing machines and automation technologies.
  • Providing products at reasonable prices to startups and well established businesses.

With a full range of flexible packaging products including Mylar films and bags, standard and embossed poly vacuum pouch/bags, stand up pouches, mini pouches, block bottom pouches, retort & spout pouches etc.

We have recently started supplying rigid primary packaging products including PET Jars, PET bottles and bottles for the Pharma and food industry.

All our products are BPA free and FDA approved.

We have a strong focus on sustainability and environmental friendly products. Achieving an optimal balance w.r.t shelf life, packaging materials costs and sustainability can sometimes seem conflicting, we have a great deal of experience in terms of navigating these conflicting requirements and coming up with the best solutions.

BV Packaging is capable of addressing even the most complex packaging challenges. Other services include custom packaging material development, custom laminations, custom printing, adhesive labelling.

You can get more information regarding our products on FoodBevHub

We can also support you in exploring automation options and assist in packaging machines installation and commissioning activities.

BV Packaging provides flexible and rigid primary packaging solutions