Customized Spout Pouches

Spout pouch (Spouch) also known as fitment pouch is a re-closable pouch with a weld spout or a pouch fitment attached to it. Spout pouches allow packaged contents to be partially used and then conveniently resealed and protected for future use. Spout pouch can take many forms, such as a plastic fitment that is either heat or ultrasonically sealed into the seam or panel of the pouch. It could also be a continuation of the film outside the perimeter seams that can be sealed yet cut off to allow the contents to pour out. The size and form of the spout pouch can be customised with logo as well.
Spout pouch uses less amount of plastic compared with plastic bottles. Spout pouch uses 5 to 7 times less space in transportation compared with plastic bottles so spout pouch has less carbon footprint.
Spout pouch packaging is popular for items such as liquids, sauces, pastes, powders, beverages, cleaning agents and loose bulk materials.


Glossy finish – PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/NY/PE
Transparent – PET/PE, NY/PE
Matt finish – BOPP/NY/PE .


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