Kraft Paper Aluminium Foil


Kraft Paper Aluminium Foil Pouch is made of Kraft Paper and Aluminium Foil material. With the inner Aluminium Foil material, it is suitable for products both wet and dry packaging, and offer maximum protection against moisture, air and light. It is one of the most popular environmental protection packaging pouches around the world. . The original ecology, non-toxic, food-grade pouches, good sealing, compressive resistance, not easy to break. good quality of anti-fouling, moisture proof, anti-staling, retain freshness, antioxidant with zipper and tear notch, easy to open and can be reusable.

An ideal Kraft paper pouch for packing food, dry saltery, coarse cereals, candy, medicines, tea, electronic components, chemical products, cosmetics, etc.
Material: Kraft Paper +Aluminium Foil

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