Aluminium Foil – Silver


Silver Aluminium foil pouches are constructed using 3-ply, adhesive laminated material with aluminium foil option. The use of Aluminium foil helps in providing high oxygen as well as moisture barrier properties with layer of polyester (PET) providing superior abrasion, tear and puncture resistance for package as well as protection from scuffing for ink systems that are reverse printed on it. Other than this, the presence of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) also helps in providing the packaging high strength, and heat-sealing properties.

These pouches are waterproof, re-sealable, can be used over and over again. The zip lock pouch is easy to close. The zip lock pouch can pack different kind of product like coffee, powder, nuts, rice, beef jerky, biltong etc The material have strong barrier and resistance to oxygen penetration.

For extended storage life, you can heat seal above the zip lock. The tear notches enable access even after heat sealing.

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